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“His work in targeting our specific needs was excellent and his training was essential to our non-profit participants. ”

— Partner, Social Venture Partners


Are you a passionate nonprofit Development Director who struggles to energize your donors? 

We can help! Our workshops will empower you and your outreach team with proven techniques to ignite passion in your donors and drive participation so you meet your funding goals.

Are you a Creative Director with kick ass Designers or Account Leads who can't quite hit the mark in your client presentations? 

We can help! Our workshops will arm your team with powerful skills and repeatable methods to present with confidence and build trust with your clients in every presentation.


Are you a CEO or Founder on the verge of a game-changing opportunity, but worried your CIO won't inspire confidence when he/she presents?  

We can help! Our coaching sessions will identify the problems, develop customized solutions and build confidence so you can take your company to the next level.  

Are you a nonprofit board member on the hook to close the deal with a big donor?

We can help! Our coaching sessions will empower you with skills and techniques to win over your donor and ensure you fulfill the mission of your organization. 


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Our Approach



We all want to be great presenters, but what exactly makes for a great presentation? Through examples we’ll share and discuss the ingredients of great presentations. By analyzing presentations you’ll gain a better understanding of how critical components such as storytelling, data visualization, photography, body language and voice come together to make presentations engaging and powerful.


“Engaging workshop. Dynamic presenter. Interactive activities. Walked away with concrete ideas for future presentations.”

— Community Advocate, United Way



Now that we’re on the same page with what makes a presentation great we’ll get into the specifics of how to create your presentation. You’ll learn how to align your goals with the expectations of your audience, how to use story to give your topic meaning and how to choose the right photography and visual styling to support your message rather than overpower it. And most importantly how to bring them all together in one killer presentation.


“I would highly recommend the workshop to anyone looking to sharpen his or her presentation skills and general understanding of speaker to audience relationships.”

– Team Lead, Amazon Web Services



Research has shown that 80% of what your audience takes away is based on how you present it, rather than what you present. Body language, tone of voice, gestures, and even what you’re wearing all impact audience perceptions. Scary right? Not to worry we’ll show you the techniques for delivering your presentation with enthusiasm and confidence.


“We worked with Ashley Bright Presents to create an executive keynote presentation for a conference with over 3,000 attendees. I had high expectations when we started the project. They exceeded them all.”

– Director of Communications, Infusionsoft


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